Wiring EMU classic / Marelli IAW P8

Hi together,

I have a Lancia Delta Integrale which is equipped with an Marelli IAW P8 and I am thinking about changing to a EMU classic. At the first step I want to go forward with the original sensors, ignition and so on. I have started with drawing a wiring diagram. Most things are clear for me but I have trouble with the ignition. Car is equipped with wasted spark (two coils, two ignition modules (Marelli BKL 3B)). Every ignition module gets a trigger input signal from the IAW (Pin 25 und 26). That’s clear, I can connect them for example with G8 and G16 at the EMU. Additionally the two modules have a common connection on one pin at the IAW (Pin 24). According the following pin plan of the BKL3B that is “Trigger Ground”. How I have to wire this Trigger Ground line with the EMU?