[2JZGE SupraMk4]Recommended route for hose and wiring from intake manifold to car interior

I purchased EmuBlack.
It has a 4barMAP sensor, but the SupraMk4 ECU is placed inside the car.
Do you have any recommendations for a route to install a hose from the intake manifold to the inside of the car?

use ptfe plstic pipe (like in 3d printer) to route to ecu
on second end - pneumo fitting in intake manifold

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This, and good high temp silicone hose. The cheap stuff collapses when it gets warm. Bulkhead fitting prevents hose from getting cut or pulled when passing through a firewall and is better then a grommet.

high temp silicone - too fat


  • high temp - ok
  • high/low pressure - ok
  • resistance to chemical impact of oil/fuel fumes- ok
  • damage protection - ok
  • connection reliability - ok