Emu black v3 software informations

How it will work with measuret channels.
There is possibility to recieve CAN-message with 16bits but only possible way how to dislay it is CANanalog channel 0-5v with resolution 0,02V that means ONLY 250 samples.
Would it be possible to use the originaly recieved 16bit resolution somehow?
Would be great to have chance to see the originay recieved number with some factor or ofset.
Thanks for answer

you got me curious, what voltage are you logging with a higher resolution then 2 decimals? or do you just want to be able to select 16 bit message and have the software automatically make that into a voltage?

There is no way to see the value from CAN.
Only possible way how to display recieved value is to “save it” into the “CAN analog”.
In my case, I would like to recieve data from force sensor (+500000g to -5000000g).
It would be the best case, bat we hawe only 16 bits that EMU is able to operate.
16 bits is 65535 samples. That would be good resolution for my purpose.
But analog voltage has 0-5V with resolution 0.02V.
Taht means 250 samples in channel.

The question is, why do you need such information in the ECU ? … and yes, the software V3 will be much different.

to measure force, or any othet thing and be able to use proper numbers and not just guessing.
You are right, the sw will be different ant thats what this article is all about.

So in new software V3 you should be able to transfer any data from any unit to ECU, the data will most likely be 8 or 16bit values, and you can do what you want with it. I was just curious what function should be assigned to force measurement (+500000g to -5000000g) related to engine management. The ECU is not mentioned to be some kind of datalogger device, it has to control engine. The EMU PRO has way more capacity to communicate fast and also bandwith to save very fast data to USB, or you can use the PMU 16 DL or PMU24 , they both have fast internal memory.

Tank for anseer, it sounds great.
Force sensor is used to measure engine power directly on chassis in diferent conditions as a temperature, humidity or high altitude.

In case of such application (like research and development) i would go straight to EMU PRO, because it is much superior to Black, and has enough processing headroom for calculation custom functions etc… You can basicly write your own strategy, table, variable, and use it in many forms of calculations like fuel delivery, throttle opening, ignition timimng etc… The imagination will be the limit for most user. The Black with current firmware hits now and than its processing limits, New firmware should be more efective working with hardware resources, but the physical limits such A/D sensitivity will still remain the same.

Is there any possibility to add VVTi cam wizard to emu black v3 like we have in emu pro. Also vvti cam table based on map load vs rpm. Can we change it to other parameters like tps or clt.

Any update on a release for open beta testing?


Yes in the future we plan to implement VVTi wizard.

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We plan to start open beta at the beginning of the April.


Can’t wait!


Can we get any Catalyst heating feature? I know legality isn’t exactly the point of a standalone ECU but it would be nice to have some emission controls.

For example if the IAT is off by 10 less than degrees to the CLT then do a “Catalyst heating cold start” (Seen in some OEM ECUs) Oor using egt channel as cat temp

I know this stuff is doable by timers etc but it may would be nice if it was embedded :slight_smile:

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Make function with you desired conditions and retard IDLE ign angle. I think it is simple in v3 soft

Hmm i see… so can i get V3 Beta somehow? :grin:

Next week we will start recruiting for open beta tests.


I would have another question about a function. Could it be implemented in the software, that a switch, like a map switch has an activation time. So for example for changing the map, i need to press a button for 10seconds before activating the map switch. Some people might know for what it could be helpful. :slight_smile:

look in first post. there are exists Delay - this is answer

what conditions are there?