Engine won't rev up with throttle opening

Hi! Coming from an EMU Black, I’m a bit lost in the Pro Software. Some features and data/variable names aren’t clear to me and I have a feeling that the software guide is just very basic. We are at the start of a new engine config with a CBR 600 PC35 and a formula student 20mm restrictor. I’m starting to understand how to configure the PRO-8 but I frequently run into problems with idle and the ignition. It’s also our first DWB config. Currently we have a problem, where the engine won’t rev up with the first throttle opening. The injector pulse rises, the DBW throttle opens, the ignition stays the same, lambda tells me that the mixture gets richer but the enigne only revs up at the 3rd or 4th try. It feels like something is blocking it from revving up. Am I missing something basic? What exactly is “Ignition load”?

Thank you in advance!

The forum doesn’t let me upload the .emuprolog or .emupro files.

You have to rename the file ending from LOG2023_1209_2133.emub to LOG2023_1209_2133.emuprolog

and the R3-DBW-GI-GA-091223.emub to R3-DBW-GI-GA-091223.emupro

R3-DBW-GI-GA-091223.emub (24.3 KB)

LOG2023_1209_2133.emub (5.8 MB)

If you need help understanding the names of some channels, show us the exact names here. We will explain them, or we can change them to be more precise.

Ignition load is a default axis channel for the ignition table.
“Engine Ignition load Type” changes how the value for this channel is calculated.
You could change this to TPS instead of changing the axis in the ignition base table.
The same applies to efficiency load and fuel tables.

Your problem with revving the engine is related to your lack of acceleration enrichment (fuel film in EMU PRO). Fast actuation of the throttle from a steady state gives you a lean spot. The engine will be misfiring if the lambda value goes to 1.5 or higher. There is a spot with lambda over 2.0 for almost a second, so there is no chance the engine will work correctly with fueling like that.

You can confirm this by moving the accelerator slowly, and the engine should react correctly (if base fueling is correct). You can also change the lambda target to something like 0.85 everywhere and try the accelerator push again. It should behave better with a richer base mixture.

You need good base fueling before compensating the fuel film. Tune the VE table without making fast movements of the throttle. After that, you can increase fuel film compensation and check the reaction to quick throttle change.