What does "Too much data in log frame" mean when editting the ADU pages?

Just been editting the ADU for the first time in about six months. Upgraded the firmware to the latest version first. When I add new CANBUS inputs, I get a pop-up saying “Too much data per log frame”, but otherwise it seems to save my changes. What does this error mean?

There is too much data selected to log, and there is not enough bandwidth.

Press F8 and remove or lower the frequency of the stuff you don’t need.
You can see the bandwidth usage at the bottom of the panel.

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i had the same, and also it removed all logging, so on my first day I had zero logging…
very annoying!

the previos 0.8x version calculated this wrong I think, cos I didn’t change any frequency or added any new channels, and i was over the log limit on the 101 FW, but not in 0.8x and everything was recorded just fine
ofc it worked fine in the old system, so I think the log frame calculation is a bit restricted in that way, but that’s just my opinion