WMI control Future firmware request

Hi, Can we get WMI controll in software ?

like there are these WMI injectors that can be controlled like normal injector.
or the solenoids with nozzles.
and that WMI pump is activated xx ms before the solenoid or injector
i rather have a small delay in opening of the solenoid then have low pressure WMI with Drops.
and when thank level sensor is low OR WMI pressure during active systems is low , it switches boost to lower setting and or switched off WMI and give fault code ??
when WMI is active we can have lower or higher boost or adjust fueling
Or alter ignition map 1 2 3 4 degree.

i can get it setup with custom corrections and projectree.
but doing it for very car takes to much time. and for us european guys we cant get E85 on the pump station. so a lot of use use WMI


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Yes, we can add a dedicated WMI strategy.
We will bump the priority.

Have you used the WMI on different ECU brands? If yes, which brand has the best strategy for this in your opinion?

Hi, good question i am been looking into that.

most of them are simple setup, nothing for the modern

but we can think this out.
we can correct fuel when active. but if we gone use nozzle for every cylinder maybe we can set it op as fuel rail 2 … thinking out loud here.

but my other setup is made in ADU,

i activated the pump relay. then i measure the pressure. then when past 8bar it activates the nozzle.
or i activated the nozzle a little bit later. and when both are active and WMI pressure go below 7bar i deactivated boost controll so its base boost. and deactivated WMI until restart ignition restart.
i think i added fuel correction based on the pressure but cant rally remember its ben 6 years i set it up.

need to check the car when its back in the shop how we set it up exactly.
pressure is meassured after checkvalve with another car.
and fuel ins not corrected at that car.

another option is WMI level sensor (low)
or flow meter but no idea how many people it that use.
there expensive and not easy to get proper working units.

so in my head it makes more sens to use a VAG fuel pressure sensor of 40 euro then a flow sensor of 350euro.

and if the nozzle doesnt flow enough the lambda guard will step in. right ?

anybody with different ideas please put them down here.

we need to be able to set a fault code and and action on this
check engine / deactivate WMI and or put boost solenoid to base pressure or pressure correction or something.