EMU Black - ABS Coding in CAN setup

Howdy ECU Master peeps.

I have a 2010 2.0TSI 4motion Tiguan with a VW Passat BWS R36 turbo’d engine swap running a EMU Black ECU.

I am trying to get the ABS working and have 2 errors in VCDS to say that the ABS pump has lost its code. Plus lights are on the dash. I believe this is what is stopping the Haldex working too.

The codes in VCDS are,
ABS Module Hardware :- 5N0 614 109 M
01314 - Engine Control Module 000 - -
01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded 000 - -

I have tried several codes in VCDS which get accepted, but don’t stick and the exact same faults reappear in VCDS.

When I untick 'Enable terminator 120ohm’in the EMU software VCDS stops communicating with the ABS module, which makes me think that the EMU Black need configuring correctly.

I believe this could be due to I don’t have the correct values in the CAN Setup window for ‘Vehicle CAN version’ and ‘Engine Code’.
Currently they have the values of Vehicle CAN Version = 2C and Engine Code is 33.
Correct me if I’m wrong please.

Any help would be appreciated to get this issue fixed.

And also, I do have the original ECU from the Tiguan if that helps in anyway.

Happy to send whatever information is needed.

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U need to simulate the stock engine CAN communication that the ABS and other devices are happy.
That is not that easy and most likely not possible with emu black cause some CAN messages are secured by checksum and counter, which cant be calculated by the emu. But this is depending on the stock ECU und modelyear.
At least u need CAN description file for ur vehicle…i can maybe help u with that.

Hi derUltraTT,

Thank you for your reply.
Happy to supply you with whatever is needed to get this issue resolved.

If you require anything from please let me know.

Kind Regards


What engine ecu was in the car befor ur rebuilt?
Then i can give u the CAN description

The ecu that was in the car before removal I believe was Bosch motronic MED 17.5.

I do have log file somewhere taken from VCDS but that’s was when the ECU was unplugged. If that would be of any help to you at all.

There u find a SW docu from MED17.5: VAG MED17.5 EA888 Funktionsrahmen
Somewhere there the CAN sent messages can be found and u need to copy them.

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Thanks for the link. Some light bedtime reading
5964 pages. Gulp.

Looks like this is way beyond my capability’s (plus I don’t know German lol)

Not sure what I would be looking for to Evan translate.

But you have pointed in the right direction.

I’ll see if I can find a English version of the document which might be easier for me to wrap my head around

Again thx.

I think there is no english version around in the Internet.
I had a look in the document and couldn’t find a simple CAN description.
I am just working with MED7 and MED9.
U can have a look in MED9:

page 4048 - 4072
There the CAN is described very well. I know for Audi MLB MED9 and MED17 communication is more or less the same…probably u are lucky.

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any updates on this thread ?