EMU Black - ABS Coding in CAN setup

Howdy ECU Master peeps.

I have a 2010 2.0TSI 4motion Tiguan with a VW Passat BWS R36 turbo’d engine swap running a EMU Black ECU.

I am trying to get the ABS working and have 2 errors in VCDS to say that the ABS pump has lost its code. Plus lights are on the dash. I believe this is what is stopping the Haldex working too.

The codes in VCDS are,
ABS Module Hardware :- 5N0 614 109 M
01314 - Engine Control Module 000 - -
01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded 000 - -

I have tried several codes in VCDS which get accepted, but don’t stick and the exact same faults reappear in VCDS.

When I untick 'Enable terminator 120ohm’in the EMU software VCDS stops communicating with the ABS module, which makes me think that the EMU Black need configuring correctly.

I believe this could be due to I don’t have the correct values in the CAN Setup window for ‘Vehicle CAN version’ and ‘Engine Code’.
Currently they have the values of Vehicle CAN Version = 2C and Engine Code is 33.
Correct me if I’m wrong please.

Any help would be appreciated to get this issue fixed.

And also, I do have the original ECU from the Tiguan if that helps in anyway.

Happy to send whatever information is needed.

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